Coffee Time!

Welcome to My World of Rants

Every day, I read the news, watch some TV, hear something on the radio, or just plain see a mass of stupidity in world.  I’ve just gotten too tired of it.  It’s time to say something, to call out the wrongs, to let the world know that this isn’t right, to bring some common sense back to the world.

The news (from Fox to CNN) just doesn’t seem interested in the people and showing an unbiased, true, accurate news source.  And it just gets worse from there.  When I watch the news, I want to see the news.  Good and bad.  Keep the commentary bullshit to the editorial and feel-good pieces that are played locally.

Religion has been bastardized by so many all over the world to accommodate peoples’ greed and political whim, and damn it, it’s disgusting.  So, I’m gonna call out all those wolves and show them that God/Allah/Yahweh… isn’t the only one that sees their hypocrisy and shame.

I’m here, I’m pissed and jittery, I’ve got my cup and a keyboard.  I’ve got something to say, and I’m going to say it.